About me

One day a friend of mine said “Let’s get a gun license”. A few weeks later I found a Shooting club which signed us in, passed the safety exam and was issued a gun permit. This was in 2012 which seems like a wile ago but actually my shooting carrera isn’t that long. I started with precision shooting but soon I have found it boring. Since I remember I liked action sports, so it didn’t take me long to start searching for more exciting ways to shoot. I found it in 2013 after I convinced a local IPSC shooting club President to sign me in. That was the true beginning of my shooting days. Since then a few years passed and I am still here taking it more and more seriously. So seriously that I decided to make a web page, dedicated to all beginner and advanced shooters. I am sharing my experiences and knowledge so that you can make a straight path in learning the right skills at the right time, to buy what you really need and not what the salesman want to sell you.

Hope you find some useful information and tips which will make you better than I am.

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