Murom KBV-9S Small pistol primers Test

Recently I’ve been testing the new competition series of Murom small pistol primers. Since I tend to shoot a lot and have been using S&B until now I must find a replacement after S&B decded to pull their prmers off the market. I shoot with a Tanfoglio Stock 3 special with medium hammer spring, which means that the primers for me need to be¬†soft. The KBV-9S are the softest primers offered by Murom.
I loaded 3000 rounds and yesterday I shot the last 250 of them. During the testing 11 rounds didn’t fire. One of them fired at the next trigger pull but 10 of them I tried to fire at least 5 times each and still, they didn’t work. For training that is ok but for me to have the confidence to compete I can’t afford 99% reliability. It is extremely unpleasant when you try to engage on the move and the round doesn’t fire.
Conclusion: The MUROM KBV-9S are fine for training but for competition I’m gonna buy something else. Tomorrow I will test Fiocchi so the next report will be about them.