First and last 10 shots

Every training has a beginning and a conclusion. As a good practical shooter you must know, that your sucess is based on your marksmanship among with some other specifics. So it is right that you start each with 10 precission shots.

Take a IPSC target and place your hand on it. Draw a circle around it. Place the target on a stand and set it up on 20-25m. Without time pressure shoot 10 precise shots on the target. Push hard to keep all the hits inside the drawn cyrcle. Do this drill before the beginning of training and repeat at the end of each training.
(you can prepare the target so that you glue a 20 cm circle on it)

Precission shooting is all about Sight picture, grip and trigger control. So when you are shooting precise you should focus on the sights. The sight picture should be sharp with the target in the background. Keep a good grip on the gun with the left hand and pull the trigger only towards the grip. Maintain the sight picture all the way until the gun fires.

If you have done everything right there should be no problem with all the shots located inside the drawn cyrcle. Remember this drill when you see a stell plate set up on 25m or a popper on 35m. All you have to do is sight picture, firm grip with your weak hand and straight trigger pull. One metal, one shot!