Custom ear plugs by EarExpert

A few weeks ago I have agreed to EarExpert to make a mold of my ears. At the moment I havent decided yet weather I will buy them or not. After a wile the decision was made. Let’s do this. Few days later I have received a call from them. My earplugs were ready. We agreed to meet on the shooting range so that I can test them right away. My first impressions are avesome. I am shooting in an indoor shooting range and the protection is realy important. When I was using Earmuffs I was able to hear the explosion itself and therefore I was not so focused on vibrations as a concequence of a round beeing fired. After inserting the EarExpert custom made earplugs I couldn’t hear the blow of a round but I realized there are strong vibrations I had never realised before. Wearing the EarExpert earplugs is wery comfortable and after getting used to inserting them It’s super fast. After trying the ear plugs I am wearing them on each training. When I train indoors I also apply the earmufs just for beiing “double” protected. For shooting outdoors on matches and all day events I can’t imagine using anything else but the EarExpert.
+ comfortable wearing
+ 100% protection
+ comunication with colegues without removing the earplugs
– you have to be present for fitting
Having the best possible protection is a must for all who practice shooting more than once a year. The cost (about 120€), is just a fraction of the investment in shooting sports so I can’t imagine beeing stingy on something so important.