Brass preparation

When you start to shoot larger amounts of rounds It’s inevidable to start reloading your own ammo. Reloading your own ammo spares money but it takes a lot of time. And time is something I rather use doing other things. So I have found an efective way to prepare my brass. Of course I collect the brass on the range but I have found it time consuming to clean it in an regular thumbler wich holds up maximum 600 pieces of 9mm cases. So I have thought of buying an industrial thumbler but I have decided that I don’t want any dust and dirt on my cleaned cases and that I hate buying the media and then throwing it away. So the only acceptable way to clean them is in some kind of liquid. So I have taken my dad’s concrete mixer, filled it with around 8000 cases, added water and some loundry detergent. Turned the mixer on and left it for 20 minutes. When I came back the water was very dirty so I changed it and aded some more detergent. After another 20 minutes or so I have rinsed the cases with the mixer running. Then I have spread the cases on two wooden frames about 1×1 meter in size. The frame is made of wood and there is a plastic mesh tensioned inside of it. The water can flow thru the mesh and the warmth and wind can dry the cases. Left it in the yard for two sunny days and mixed and them with my hand ocaasionally. That way I have prepared at least 15.000 cases in about 3 working hours time. They were clean, dry and ready to be loaded.