Home made case lube

When you are about to reload some rounds it is wery important that the cases are properly lubed so that the reloading done easy and smooth. The most resistance on the progressive press occurs in the resizng and decapping dye wich is usualy the first dye when a case is dropped from the feeder. If you do it by the book you should buy a case lube developed specificaly for reloading and so on. The reloading accessories are usualy expencive and not at hand when they run out. So I have found a solution that works for me. I have taken a wooden box lid and fixed a kitchen towel on the bottom of it, so it is like a pool table wrapped in cloth but perfectly flat. I take a normal WD40 spray (multipurpose lube) and spray some of it on the cloth. Then I take about 300 cases and spread them on the lid. You should lay them flat so they can roll back and forth for a few centimeters. So you chake the lid and swng it back and forth a few times so the cases roll on the cloth for a turn or so. Then you just pour the rounds in the feeder and you are ready to do some wery smooth reloading.

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