Fiocchi Small Pistol Primers

I have had bad luck with Fiocchi but since it was a wile ago I decided to give them another try. Robert Cernigoj (Cesar Shop), ensured me, that the problems were only with one series of primers. I am so lucky :)…..
Anyway I gave them another shot. I bought 6.000 of them and when I was filling up the Dillon tubes I really focused on visual imperfections to try to divide the primers into visually good quality and the ones which could cause problems. In the photos below are some closeups of visually imperfect primers.
With the Primers sorted I could begin reloading. I made about 1.500 rounds n the first go but strictly separating bad looking primers. At the end I had about 50 primers which I had been doubting…..”Will they fire?” I went to training and fired about 250 shots. None misfires…..I thought I have found the solution to separate primers which could potentiality malfunction. It made me proud…Greg found a solution and will never again have problems with Fiocchi again I said to myself. And yes I was right. At some point after finishing training and some few thousand rounds down my Stock 3 barrel I have decided to try to fire the rounds which I separate using my visual judgment. And the outcome? I fired all of them without a problem……
After another few Thousand fred I have to admit that I really had bad luck buying Fiocchi before. Now they work!

Pros & Cons:
+ price
+ softnes (works with medium hammer spring)
– sideways packaging makes it impossible to just flip them on a glas and start picking them up

Do you get a good price on Fiocchi? Just take them. They work!

Pictures will be published soon!

Brass preparation

When you start to shoot larger amounts of rounds It’s inevidable to start reloading your own ammo. Reloading your own ammo spares money but it takes a lot of time. And time is something I rather use doing other things. So I have found an efective way to prepare my brass.  Continue reading