Before u start

Why, where and what

Once you start thinking about shooting you should define the basics:
– why do I wanna shoot
– where am I gonna shoot
– what kind of shooting is my main interest

Many people start to shoot because they wanna be prepared for the worst case. When they start to practice shooting some of them realize that it’s fun. A few of them keep the approach of self defence as the main focus and that’s fine too. I wanna focus on the fun, competitive part of shooting and so most of my tips and drills rely on that.

The question is where…..
When thinking about shooting you have to make a plan. Where will I be able to shoot? If you live on the countryside and you have a lot of your own land you will probably try to set up a small shooting area and practise there. Hopefully you will invite some experienced shooters which will help you through your first stepps. If not, there is still the site you’re on and many other useful tipps you will find on the net. But hopefully you will find a Club in your area and join them. Hopefully because it is good to have someone watch you and correct your mistakes in gun handling and marksmanship.

What am I going to shoot……
of course these will be targets of any kind but my idea is the question what do I like. What is my body like and how stable is my mind. Probably you will start precision shooting first so you will be able to adjust your mind to the blow and the reaction when firing a weapon. You will find out that precision shooting is about patience and mind. A calm hand and a sharp eye will get u to decent results pretty fast. Then if you are athletic or just average active you will probably find yourself on a practical/dynamical/defensive or any other kind of action shooting discipline. All of the disciplines require a level of gun handling and athletics but some of them require more skills other more sports.
If we compare two of the most widely spread we have to consider IPSC and IDPA. The two have the same roots but have developed differently. IPSC is strictly sports as you don’t have to shoot out of cover and your ammo is unlimited. IDPA is more like a military/police skill. You have to stay in cover change magazines without dropping them if not empty and you only have two magazines for the whole stage.
So the choice isn’t easy by using only your imagination so I would suggest you to try both first and just stick with the one that makes more fun.


For the start you only need a few things:
– gun (polymer or Steel doesn’t matter)
– holster (I would suggest a normal belt holster for example GHOST Hybrid )
– two magazines
– ear protection
– eye protection

So don’t bother buying the most expensive holster or the most powerful gun. If you have a 9×19 you are good to go. Some people rather start with .22LR and that’s fine too. Just keep in mind that a 9×19 or a .40 will be mutch harder to keep in target when shooting fast.


Don’t be shy. Call your acquaintance and ask him/her to come over and help you. Believe me it’s more fun to shoot with someone 🙂