IPSC Production Division guns

IPSC production Division is the widely represented division beside Standard. The divison is based upon service guns wich are not alowed to be modified or tuned with aftermarket parts.There are some important limitations to production division:
– maximum of 15 rounds can be in a single magazine at any time before the start signal
– the gun is not alowed to be holstered cocked with the safety applied
– if the gun is DA first shot must be DA pull
For the rules about the Production division you have to check the IPSC rulebook Appendix D4. The list of Production division guns is here.

The most competitors in Production division use guns constructed on CZ75 design. On a competition you will see mostly: CZ Shadow & Shadow2, Tanfoglio Stock 1,2 & 3, Glock 17, GP, HK, HS PRODUKT, SIG, SMITH & WESSON, WALTHER…..