Choosing the right Holster

If it comes to choosing the holster the chice almost too big for a standard gun. When I was buying my first holster I headed direction speed holster, wich means that the holster is designed specificaly for quick and easy draw of the gun. Let’s not forget that the first focus shoul be on safety. With a holster that means that it is stable, made of quality materials and that it is designed so, that there can be no way that anything is able to squeeze into the trigger guard while the gun is holstered. It’s usually not a case if you buy the right holster for your gun but the market is also full of cheap chinese copies of well established products so be careful.

Of course it is not all good in speed, especially if you are unexperinced. Speed holsters are expencive and often don’t alow to switch guns. That means you buy the holster specficaly for your gun and are not able to use it if you decide to change it. Speed holster are also only alloved in certain disciplines IPSC etc. Other action sport shooting disciplines require a civil or concealed carry holster witch are different by design.

Speed holsters
GHOST, CR SPEED, GUGA RIBAS, DOULBE ALPHA,  SICKINGER are only a few on the market. They all use a similar technology to keep the gun in place. The mail difference between them that there are some with barrel support and some are without it. They start from about 100€ and can be as expencive as 250€. Each manufacturer has it’s advantages so it is best to choose from the well known manufacturers. If you decide to buy a speed holster you should realy try out at least three and then decide which is the best. So don’t go for the first one….

Civilian, concealed carry holsters
As well as by the speed holsters there is a large amount of products here a well. As the design is a lot simpler than on the speed holster they are usualy offered at a lower price. The design itself holds the gun by the whole structure (frame) and not only the trigger guard as by the speed holsters. They are normaly safer to use and easyer to get used to. Altrough they are not ment to be as quick as the race (speed) ones. Their main advantage is a lower price and safety for the shooter.

Military and other holsters
There are a lot of other diferent holster on the market but they are not common in sports shooting. All inside belt holsters, leg holsters and chest holsters are not ment to be used in sporting disciplines and mostly they are prohibited for competition. They usualy all use some kind of locking/securing mechanism because their purpuse is to keep the gun in holster during extreeme body positions and environment. Almost all of them use a locking mechanism wich makes them slower to draw from.

If you are a beginner I would most certainly suggest you to go for a civilian holster. Ben Stoeger is the proof that they are just as quick to draw from as the sporting ones. You get them cheap and they can always be around like a spare one if something goes wrong with the speed one. When advancing in speed and confidence you will have more knowledge of your desires and will still be able to upgrade it to a speed one.


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